What is a seedbox??

A seedbox is a remote server specifically used for torrenting. Seedboxes can also run other software, such as Plex.
See Wikipedia for more information >

Useful links

/r/seedboxes on reddit (sidebar!)

Some seedbox providers

Feral hosting – – –
Pulsed Media –
WhatBox –
Ultraseedbox –

For dedicated server/vps

seedbox installation script for Ubuntu and Debian systems

Services that will be installed and configured are:
1. vsftpd – ftp server
2. libtorrent/rtorrent
3. rutorrent
4. Nginx (webserver)
5. autodl-irssi
6. webmin (optional see section 3.7 in main guide)

rtinst is a very nice script that I’ve also used on my own dedicated server.
Very easy installation and configuration, script doesn’t install a whole lot of unneeded bloat (packages etc) so that’s great.