recommended release groups

On this page I’ll list some P2P groups I can recommend for high quality releases. If known, I’ll also list the home site of the group (i.e. where the group is an internal one).
This page will be regularly updated.
Most of these groups exclusively release on one site/tracker (a so-called internal/internal group). You can often find their releases leaked to other sites as well.

P2P groups:
FraMeSToR (@BHD) [recommended for remux & 4k! ; also releases HQ 1080p/720p encodes]
EPSiLON (@PHD) [recommended for remux & 4k!]
SiGMA (@PHD) [WEBRip Amazon & Netflix]
KRaLiMaRKo (@HD-T) [recommended for remux]
HiDt (@HD-T) [720p encodes]
HDSpace (@HD-S) [recommended for untouched/full bluray!]
SpaceHD (@HD-S) [1080p/720p encodes]
RightSiZe (@HD-S) [1080p/720p encodes]
EbP (@HDB)
CtrlHD (@HDB)
VietHD (@HDB)
NTb (@BTN) [HQ TV releases!]
MT (@MT) [recommended for untouched/full bluray releases & HQ 1080p encodes]
MTeam (@MT)
LEGi0N (@BLU, previously on HD4F [1], no longer a part of BLU [2])
BluEvo (@Blu-Evolution †)
PRoDJi (@AfrBits)
WiKi (@TTG) [HQ 1080p/720p encodes]
TTG (@TTG) [untouched/full bluray]
HDH (@HDH, previously called HDBiger)
FGT (@RARBG *public site*) [retags releases with their own FGT tag, doesn’t impact the quality though ;)]
iFT (@IPT?) [1080p/720p, remux]
playHD (@FileList) [1080p & 720p encodes]
playBD (@FileList) [remux]